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Our physician is a licensed Aviation Medical Examiner with over 20 years experience in performing Class I, II and III evaluations. Once you have scheduled your appointment with our office, you are required to access the F.A.A. Medxpress website to complete a history/summary online.



1. Access the F.A.A. Medxpress web-site at https://medexpress.faa.gov. The site is easy to follow and provides instruction for completing your medical history/summary.

2. After completing your history/summary, make sure you print a copy.

3. You will be provided a confirmation number which you will bring with you.

4. At the time of your appointment, we will use your confirmation number to access your information and enter your examination results online.

5. Once we have completed your examination and submitted your results to the F.A.A. on-line, we will print-out a copy of your certificate.


Cost of examination is $175.00. Additional fees may be charged if you are required to have additional testing such as EKG.