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Drivers of commercial motor vehicles must be medically certified by a licensed medical examiner. Examinations in most cases are valid for 24 months however, conditions may restrict a driver to a limited certificate. In such cases, we will monitor and work with the patient to expand certifications when appropriate, while ensuring the highest level of driver and public safety.

2014 will require holders of CDL licenses to be examined by a Federally Certified DOT Examiner. We are currently registered with the federal government and will hold certification to perform examinations to comply with this requirement.

Federally approved forms and cards are available in our office.

Cost of the examination – $125.00

Once your examination is finished – you will leave with a completed medical card that is acceptable at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

19 A Medical Exams

New York State enacted Article 19-A to promote public safety. Companies and individuals engaged in the transportation of passengers must ensure drivers pass a periodic medical examination. Our certified examiners have over 90 years of collective experience in performing 19 A examinations.

NYS approved forms are available in our office

Cost of the examination – $125.00

If your business requires you to be on the road – let Occupational Medicine Associates of NNY handle burden when it comes to ensuring your employees are medically fit for driving.